Monday, June 29, 2009

Poor HJ

Hayden has has so much trouble with his poor little ears, and it seems that the cycle continues. (He has had countless ear infections before the tubes and after.) I took him to see his ENT last week...the left tube is out and the right one is completely clogged. He was thinking that HJ is having so many problems with his ears because he might be allergic to something. He is also projecting new tubes in the near future. Well, I got an appointment with an allergist the day after his ENT appointment and met with him for a while to discuss what we are seeing and what we might think is going on. We decided to do several different allergy tests, actually 13, to see if HJ is allergic to things that he comes into contact regularly. We did dogs, cats, positive and negative control (just to make sure the test was working correctly), dairy, chicken, beef, oranges, peaches, peanuts (just for future reference), dust mites (not that we have them...just to see if that could be something that is bothering his skin), bananas, and wheat. They pricked his back with all 13 needles at the same time...they were on a board type thing so they could do them simultaneously. He didn't even cry!!! We waited 15 minutes for the results and it turned out that as of now, he is not allergic to any of those things. Whew!!! We will go back in a year for a check up.

So the underlying problem with his ears still remain. He woke up this morning with fluid coming out of his right ear we are off to see the ENT this afternoon to see what he suggests. Hopefully we will have a good report and a great idea to solve the problem.

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Jill said...

Poor baby. That must be miserable for him. I bet it's so frustrating not to be able to figure out the cause, too. I'll pray for good news to come soon!!!