Friday, April 24, 2009

Easter Weekend

We had such a wonderful Easter weekend with family. We headed out to the lake for Uncle Bart's birthday dinner on Friday at Lost Creek Winery. The venue was incredible...such a great place to go over the summer to listen to bands, have dinner and some of their wine. Saturday the guys played golf while the ladies relaxed. Hayden sure did keep us entertained and on our feet. With all of the cooks in our family, the food was delicious as always. Saturday night we headed back to Poppa Grande and Grammie's house to put out Hayden's Easter basket and some food for the Easter Bunny. We woke up Sunday morning and the bunny came and left some goodies. :) Hayden was so excited to see his basket and to dig in in. Once he found the basketballs...he kept saying "ball" over and over. Jess, Brittany, and Presley drove up to Marble Falls to eat and hunt Easter eggs with us. Presley was such a champ picking up the eggs and putting them in her basket. Hayden picked up two and just wanted to play with them...he wasn't too interested in the others that were everywhere on the ground. They had fun dancing and popping bubbles...Hayden said bubble for the first time. Poppa Grande cooked us Easter lunch while we watched the Masters (it seems it is a tradition to watch it in MF every year) was yummy! Basically, our weekend was filled with family, food, golf, and good could you ask for more?!?!


Family Time Out at the Ranch

We went to a Pulliam/Cain family reunion out at the ranch a couple weeks ago. We ran in the Koman Race and then "raced" down to Uvalde for the reunion. It was so good to see and catch up with family. There was fabulous food, great stories, and even better family time. Unfortunately I didn't get many pictures at all, but here are some that I did get.

Hayden going after Mema's drink.
He talked her into giving him some...he knows he is as good as gold to her.
On our ride down to the river
Hayden's first 4wheeler ride...boy was he excited!

Cousin Chandler and Hayden
Gotta love Uncle Chuck :)
My Mom and Cody

Mema and Hayden

I just LOVE these pictures of my Mema and Hayden. Hayden and I drove down and stayed with her one night when she hurt her foot and couldn't really move around...we knew Hayden would make her day and take her mind off of her foot. He loved snuggling up to her and falling asleep. I remember when I used to cuddle like this with her! Her loving touch and warmth is just simply the best. We love you Mema!!!

More random pictures of Hayden

Hayden's FIRST steps...

Friday, April 3, 2009

Hayden's First Birthday

Thank you so much to all of you that came to celebrate Hayden's first birthday with us! The pictures are out of order...but you can still piece them together. I wish I had more pictures from this special day of all the family and friends, but there was so much going on that I didn't really have a chance to pick up the camera and snap some shots (here are just a few that I did get). Thank you Sami for getting some good ones of Hayden and Payton! We loved seeing you all!!!

The back of Hayden's cake shirt.
Yum, my first taste of sugar...not sure if I like it yet.

Playing with Sloane in the Moon Bounce.
Hayden and Presley
Hayden and Payton

Random Pictures

I know, I know...these are a little (well a lot) overdue. More recent pictures are on their way. A sick day at home...just hanging out.
I love that he plays with my hair when he is tired.
Getting ready for our first car ride in the "big boy" seat facing FORWARD! Big day!
Loving it so far!
Hayden with his favorite guy (of course, besides his Daddy)...Poppa Grande.
Three generations of Noble men.

Presley and Hayden playing and drumming their hands on the door.