Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Park, Truck, and Tunnel

  • The first three pictures: Hayden and I went to the park to play...he had so much fun going down the slide and picking up rocks. He only tried to put them in his mouth a couple times, but listened really well when I told him to put them down and that they don't belong in his mouth. He liked picking the rocks up, putting them on the slide, pushing them off, picking them up, and then letting them slide through his fingers.
  • The second two pictures: Gus is sometimes really bad and will get something and not give it to you or he won't go outside, so we use this pink leash to help us turn the situation around. It was out from the morning when Gus wouldn't go outside, so Hayden decided that he was going to put it on his car and pull it around. Daddy will put a leash on some of his toys and pull him all over the house, and H loves it.
  • The last two pictures: I bought a new tunnel for us to play in, but Hayden wouldn't go in it until both Mommy and Daddy were home. We got on either side, I went halfway in the tunnel, and then he decided to try it out. Once he went in it he had so much fun and didn't need us on either side to coax him through. (This was after his third haircut!!!)

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