Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sweet Mary Beth

We had dinner last night with the Simpson family...Jill, Shane, and Mary Beth. We had a fabulous time (as always) at our favorite meeting spot. Good food, margaritas, and company always makes for a great night out!

First Hair Cut

Hayden had his first hair cut yesterday! We went to "Sharky's Cuts for Kids" which was every kid's dream. The chairs on the younger section were a yellow hummer, a pink jeep, and a blue angel with plasma screen televisions in front of them. There was a toy store in between the young kid section and the older kid section that had tons of toys, paints, puzzles, etc. He did extremely well for his first hair cut...she was really good with him, especially since he wanted to play. Daddy had to stand by him to keep him from getting too playful when the scissors were close. All in all, we are happy with the cut...the bangs are a little short for my taste-but they will grow. He's no longer our shaggy little man...for now:)