Friday, July 10, 2009

Sutherland Ladies

Oh how Hayden loves those beautiful Sutherland ladies!! They just dote all over each other...Sloane and Hayden have quite the hugs and kisses down. She just loves all over him and says "He's so cute!". How sweet is that! Sophie is so good with Hayden, teaching him all sorts of things...from rolling over, practicing words, brushing hair-you name it. We have loved our play dates this summer and are really bummed that we won't get to see them every day once school starts back up. Here are some pictures from when I taking care of the kids one afternoon.


Hayden went to his first circus and did really well. We had pretty good seats so I think that is what helped hold his attention. The tricks that they perform and have the animals do are amazing! I think our favorite acts were the motorcycles in the ball (they had 7 in there at one time) and the elephants. I can't believe all of the tricks they can teach the elephants...pretty amazing! The lady that was working the elephant photo area let me take extra pictures of Hayden since we purchased one. He was hamming it up...enjoy!

Comfort Visit

We went to Comfort (Brittany's hometown) for the July 4th weekend. We had so much fun-thank you to Lou and Warren for their hospitality!!! Hayden was able to see pigs up close for the first time and to see a horse for the second time. He was SO scared of the pigs. When he was around the horses he would tense up, but he constantly wanted to go and see them. He LOVED the wagon rides down the road with Presley. That Saturday we went to the parade downtown-another first for Hayden. He loved seeing the firetrucks and was constantly wanting to walk down the road. By the end of the parade he was so hot and tired that we needed to head home so he could cool off and get some rest.
Thanks for sharing your hometown with us was a blast!

New Tricks

This is one of the newest tricks (and a no-no in our house) from our little man. He loves standing up on the couch and then bouncing down on his bottom. He is getting to be quite the daring soul-he was straddling the arm of the couch the other day. He knows that he can sit on the couch but not stand or right before he does it, he gets this grin on his face and laughs.
Oh-what are we going to do with him?!?!Another new trick that is equally as dangerous but scares me so much more
that he has started doing is......
Ugh. I was so afraid that he would learn to do that. Now every time he makes a peep in his crib I am off and running to make sure he is not making an attempt to get out.

Bubbles, Balls, Mema, and Nana...some of H's favorites!

Hayden and I went to Uvalde for the night. Nana got him some bubbles and balls to play with while we were there...a key to Hayden's heart. Here are some of the pictures of them playing.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Ear Update

We went this afternoon to the ENT...the right tube isn't blocked anymore, but he wants us to continue antibiotic drops for 10 days and then come back to see him. When we return he is also going to check the pressure level in his ears before we get on an airplane to New Mexico. I don't think we will do tubes this summer, but probably in the near future.

Poor HJ

Hayden has has so much trouble with his poor little ears, and it seems that the cycle continues. (He has had countless ear infections before the tubes and after.) I took him to see his ENT last week...the left tube is out and the right one is completely clogged. He was thinking that HJ is having so many problems with his ears because he might be allergic to something. He is also projecting new tubes in the near future. Well, I got an appointment with an allergist the day after his ENT appointment and met with him for a while to discuss what we are seeing and what we might think is going on. We decided to do several different allergy tests, actually 13, to see if HJ is allergic to things that he comes into contact regularly. We did dogs, cats, positive and negative control (just to make sure the test was working correctly), dairy, chicken, beef, oranges, peaches, peanuts (just for future reference), dust mites (not that we have them...just to see if that could be something that is bothering his skin), bananas, and wheat. They pricked his back with all 13 needles at the same time...they were on a board type thing so they could do them simultaneously. He didn't even cry!!! We waited 15 minutes for the results and it turned out that as of now, he is not allergic to any of those things. Whew!!! We will go back in a year for a check up.

So the underlying problem with his ears still remain. He woke up this morning with fluid coming out of his right ear we are off to see the ENT this afternoon to see what he suggests. Hopefully we will have a good report and a great idea to solve the problem.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Park, Truck, and Tunnel

  • The first three pictures: Hayden and I went to the park to play...he had so much fun going down the slide and picking up rocks. He only tried to put them in his mouth a couple times, but listened really well when I told him to put them down and that they don't belong in his mouth. He liked picking the rocks up, putting them on the slide, pushing them off, picking them up, and then letting them slide through his fingers.
  • The second two pictures: Gus is sometimes really bad and will get something and not give it to you or he won't go outside, so we use this pink leash to help us turn the situation around. It was out from the morning when Gus wouldn't go outside, so Hayden decided that he was going to put it on his car and pull it around. Daddy will put a leash on some of his toys and pull him all over the house, and H loves it.
  • The last two pictures: I bought a new tunnel for us to play in, but Hayden wouldn't go in it until both Mommy and Daddy were home. We got on either side, I went halfway in the tunnel, and then he decided to try it out. Once he went in it he had so much fun and didn't need us on either side to coax him through. (This was after his third haircut!!!)

Father's Day

Matt went down south to work on an oil well last Thursday and we didn't know when to expect him home...they thought it would be a four day job. That meant he would be there over the weekend and would hopefully be home on Sunday. When Sunday came around we knew that he wasn't going to be able to come home. Well, as it turns out-something happened and it was going to be a five hour delay that turned into an 18 hour delay...which meant that Matt drove back to San Antonio to see us for a few hours. We missed him SOOO much and were extremely excited that we would be able to see him. He got up at 3:30 Monday morning to head back down south to work for a few more days. We aren't used to him being gone this long (mind you-we were in Kentucky for four days, all together for two, apart for four more days, all together for a few hours, and then apart for two 1/2 days), so you know it was hard for us. Granted, I am glad that he had the opportunity to go work and learn from some of the best especially since that is what he is ultimately wanting to do. He learned a lot and had a good time with the guys.
Our sign that we made and sent Sunday morning.

Daddy and Hayden looking at the book we made him.
I missed you Daddy!!!!
Lots of hugs...
Poppa Grande and Hayden swimming in the pool on Saturday. We were so excited to see our PG this weekend!

Below are some pictures that I took and sent to Daddy while he was away. Hayden likes to get in bed with a book and read it before he goes to sleep.

I am not sure why my post about Uncle Trav and Kentucky went below others that were already posted...scroll down if you would like to read and see pictures from our trip!!! It is below the Mother's Day pictures.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


We took Hayden to the zoo for the first time and let me just say, he LOVED it!!! We met Jess, Brittany, and Presley there and had so much fun walking around looking at the animals. Hayden and Presley fed off of each would say WHOA and then the other would say it. They would say it over and over with such enthusiasm, it made all of us laugh multiple times. We got to see the elephant come out for the first time for the day. Hayden was standing by us, and when she came out he ran to the fence, started shaking it, and yelling out WHOA. The people around us got a good laugh and said that it was the best reaction they have seen. We bought the zoo pass so we can go early in the morning before the zoo opens to the public...I have a feeling that we will be seeing a lot of the zoo this summer!
This first picture was when we first walked into the zoo. Hayden didn't know what we had in store for him and looks like he is wondering where in the world we are. Soon after this picture he couldn't stop smiling, laughing, and jabbering.